Our Impact

Belinda's Story

Belinda* was a resident of Catherine House who was referred to the lawyers from Homeless Legal for tenancy advice. Belinda had been ‘evicted’ from the rental property that she shared with another tenant, who then brought a claim against Belinda in the SACAT.

Mary's Story

At age 63, Mary was confronted with the very real prospect of bankruptcy and homelessness. Mary was born and raised in the Northern Territory. She married and had three children. Sadly, her marriage was marred by years of violence from a controlling and alcoholic husband. Mary eventually left her husband and relocated to Adelaide...

Sometimes timely legal help can be life-saving

Bankruptcy can have long-term adverse consequences on employment options, borrowing capacity and even rental prospects. Bankruptcy should be an option of last resort for debtors who have had the opportunity to carefully consider their legal and financial options.

Self-Representation and Referral Services collaborate to help co-defendants

JusticeNet’s Self-Representation Services and Referral Service often work together to assist mutual clients.

Terminally ill mother given urgent assistance to record her wishes

When Simone’s* family approached JusticeNet for assistance, Simone was in hospital with only weeks to live. Her condition was deteriorating and she urgently needed the help of a lawyer to prepare a will.

Help for Harry: homeless, unemployed man wins redress against illegal eviction

In 1996 Harry (not his real name), entered into a verbal agreement with a landlord to occupy and reside at a property in the Adelaide foothills. The landlord agreed that 2-3 months’ notice to vacate would be given to Harry if the landlord wished to end the arrangement. For 17 years (from 1996 - 2013) Harry made the property his home.

Self-Representation Service helps client with long-running tenancy dispute

When David approached the Self-Representation Service he was unemployed and had no assets. He had been involved in a long-running dispute with his former landlord arising from his eviction from a commercial property in 1999. He had limited formal education and he presented to the service with his trousers held up with a piece of string.

Pro bono lawyers prove case against employee to be anything but concrete

Francine* was employed as a book keeper by a sole trader concreting business in Tasmania. Francine’s employer was looking to expand his business when he came across a spray paving licensing opportunity with ‘We-Spray-U’* , based in Adelaide.

Jenny helped to defend against sham contract

Jenny was referred to JusticeNet by the Young Workers Legal Service (YWLS). The YWLS had offered to help Jenny recover unpaid wages for administrative services she provided to a small business in the Adelaide CBD. Jenny had worked at the business for approximately 6 months in 2013.

Image of a woman and her daughter looking unhappy

Justice for Natasha following unlawful eviction

In 2012, Natasha  was a single mother struggling with mental health concerns. While Natasha was in hospital her landlord unlawfully entered her premises, changed the locks and removed her belongings. Her lease was still valid at the time.