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Max saved from homelessness

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Max was evicted by his landlord and so approached Homeless Legal for help. Max has been diagnosed with various mental health conditions and the stressors of 2020 really tripped him up. He lost his job due to COVID-19 restrictions and his long-term relationship with his partner broke down. As a result, he began to suffer from periods of mania during which his behaviour was completely at odds with how he behaves the rest of the time.

Max is estranged from his family and did not have other housing options especially given the additional pressures on the housing market in recent times. The stress associated with this situation made it even harder for Max to address the issue behind his eviction: poor behaviour towards his neighbours as a result of his aggravated mental health conditions. Max is no stranger to homelessness and was highly distressed by the prospect of returning to it.

Homeless Legal referred this matter via our Pro Bono Connect service given Max’s circumstances and we managed to secure solicitor and Counsel representation at the Tribunal.

"The outcome has restored my faith in the system and reminded me that I still have something to contribute"

Max’s tenancy will continue to be monitored for some time to come. However, if he can remain supported and mentally well, he will be able to stay in his home. This process has forced Max to reconnect with his doctor, psychiatrist, anger management course and other supports. Max has been desperate to contribute to his community via employment and volunteering and it is hoped that restabilising his housing, and securing these other support services, will mean Max is able to do just that.

Max reported that this outcome had restored his faith in the system and reminded him that he does still have something to contribute.

First published 06 Oct 2021
Image credit: Photo by Steve Mushero on Unsplash

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