Justice for Natasha following unlawful eviction

Image of a woman and her daughter looking unhappy

In 2012, Natasha  was a single mother struggling with mental health concerns. While Natasha was in hospital her landlord unlawfully entered her premises, changed the locks and removed her belongings. Her lease was still valid at the time. Once she had recovered sufficiently, Natasha took action against the landlord in the Residential Tenancies Tribunal. The Tribunal awarded Natasha a sum of money that was far below the cost of replacing her property. 

Donaldson Walsh Lawyers (now DW Fox Tucker) helped Natasha appeal the decision of the Tribunal to the District Court. She was represented by Peter Britton-Jones of Bar Chambers. Natasha’s legal representatives negotiated a settlement with the landlords who agreed to pay Natasha further compensation for her belongings.

Natasha and her mother wrote to JusticeNet at the conclusion of her matter:

“ Many thanks for the help JusticeNet extended to Natasha which enabled her to pursue the case against her landlords. We will not forget your kind help to us.”

Support provided by: 
Donaldson Walsh Lawyers (now DW Fox Tucker) & Peter Britton-Jones, Bar Chambers