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Jason lives in public housing in Adelaide’s northern suburbs. He was born with an intellectual disability and deafness in one ear. He lived with his mother until she passed away and has been living alone ever since. Jason left school at the age of 14 and is reliant on the Disability Support Pension.

When he met Tom, Jason was excited about the prospect of making a new friend. Over the next few months, Jason lent Tom almost $15,000. This was much of his life savings. Four years later, Tom had not repaid the loan and refused to do so when confronted by Jason. Jason had no choice but to go to court. However, he couldn’t afford a private lawyer and community legal centres were unable to help. Fortunately, Jason was referred to JusticeNet.

JusticeNet’s pro bono lawyers helped Jason bring a claim against Tom in the Magistrates Court. Jason obtained judgment against Tom and has so far recovered half of the money loaned. According to Jason, he had been saving for a holiday in Melbourne. At age 52, it would have been his first ever trip outside South Australia. While Jason’s Melbourne dream may still be on hold for other reasons, he is just happy for the whole stressful experience to be over.

First published 28 Sep 2020

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