Crown Solicitor’s Office Makes Art for Justice

On 27 May 2016 the Crown Solicitors Office held the Inaugural CSO Art Prize Competition and Auction. Proceeds from the event were kindly donated to JusticeNet SA. Click here to see photos from the Art Prize Competition and Auction
The Art Prize attracted 15 entries from staff at the Crown Solicitor’s Office displaying a wide range of artistic talent from painting to photography and sculpture (including an example of an object trouve work by Jeremy Brown which received a commendation from the judges).
The judging panel made up of The Honourable John Hill (Former Minister for Arts and SALA Board Chair), Nick Mitzevich (Director of the Art Gallery of South Australia) and Roy Ananda (South Australian Artist, Writer, and Lecturer) awarded the ‘Most Outstanding Artwork’ award to Kate Guy and Emily Sims for their installation piece ‘Raymond’ which reflected on the concept of privacy in a modern society.
Alison Field won the ‘People’s Choice Award’ for her photograph “The Return” and the highest grossing art work at the auction was Chris Bleby SC’s piece ‘Nyland on Post-it’.
Anna Wells and Chad Jacobi were the auctioneers for the night and their “Antiques Roadshow” inspired performance help generate considerable bidding interest.  All of the auctioned works were generously donated by the artists with all auction proceeds going to JusticeNet.
The event was a huge success which exceeded expectations and will hopefully be the start of a longstanding tradition within CSO.
JusticeNet would like to thank the CSO’s Emergence Gallery Committee for organising the event and the Crown Solicitor’s Office for their ongoing support of JusticeNet.

From L-R: Roy Ananda (South Australian Artist, Writer, Lecturer and SALA Board Member), Crown Solicitor Michael Evans QC, Joe Maniscalco (solicitor and member of the CSO Emergence Gallery Committee), Mr John Hill (former State Government Minister for Arts and Chair of the SALA Board), Nick Mitzevich (Director of the Art Gallery SA, SALA Board Member), and Mark Horton (Deputy Director of the Art Gallery SA).

Claire Jarrett - 'Stone and Wood' Crown Solicitor’s Office Art Prize Competition and Auction

Chris Bleby SC - 'Nyland on Post-it'

Kate Guy and Emily Sims - 'Raymond'