Xenophon commits financial support for JusticeNet SA

Nick Xenophon has announced an election commitment of $120,000 annual funding towards JusticeNet’s operating expenses, as reported in In Daily on 6 February: https://indaily.com.au/news/local/2018/02/05/xenophon-commits-legal-funds-service-pleas-justice/

Mr Xenophon said: :"There’s a huge chasm in this state in terms of people having access to justice, and JusticeNet helps people bridge that gap...What they do to procure legal advice for people that otherwise would have no hope of legal representation in complex cases is very valuable, and [$120,000] is a very small price to pay as an insurance policy against people being dudded." 

JusticeNet applauds Nick Xenophon and SA Best for its policy announcement. While pro bono is free for our hundreds of disadvantaged clients, there is a cost involved in administering our services. Without financial support from state government, JusticeNet's fundraising is insufficient to sustain our organisation indefinitely. That means that South Australians like Bob, who was the victim of serious financial elder abuse, miissing out on desperately needed legal help. 

Read more on JusticeNet's campaign for a State Government contribution toward our operating costs, and Bob's story: https://mailchi.mp/justicenet/become-a-friend-of-justicenet-in-june-1301149