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Help us to help people like Francine

Imagine facing a legal claim for more money than you earn in a year, by company that you have never heard of. It sounds like a nightmare, but for Francine it was very real. Here is her story:

Francine was a single mother of two young children, one diagnosed with Autism, working part-time as bookkeeper. Francine’s employer entered a contract with an Adelaide-based company to expand his small concreting business. The arrangement quickly soured and Francine’s employer terminated the deal.

That was just the beginning of a nightmare for Francine. The company alleged that the termination was unlawful and assigned the alleged liability to a debt recovery company. The recovery company promptly commenced legal proceedings for $40,000 against the employer…and Francine.

Francine received some advice from legal aid, but she desperately needed legal representation. The recovery company pursued the matter vigorously and Francine, now unemployed, could not afford legal fees. JusticeNet arranged for pro bono lawyers to help defend the action and obtain a just outcome: the claim against Francine was dropped during the trial.

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Please support our End of Financial Year Appeal: https://www.givenow.com.au/justicenetsaeofy