Legal Assistance

JusticeNet provides free legal help to individuals who cannot afford legal assistance. We also assist charitable and community organisations. Click on one of the links below to find out more about each service and whether you are eligible for assistance.

Important information for individual applicants

JusticeNet helps individuals who cannot afford a lawyer or get the help they need from other services. To ensure that pro bono resources are directed to those most in need, we apply eligibility criteria and guidelines to all applications.

We are unlikely to be able to assist with:

  • Family law or criminal law matters, except in exceptional circumstances
  • Complex commercial or building disputes
  • People who we consider can afford to pay a lawyer, obtain legal aid, or obtain 'no win, no fee' assistance (such as in personal injury claims).

Our Services

Click on a link below for specific information about resources from each of our services, including downloadable application forms and eligibility criteria.

Pro Bono Connect

This service can connect you with a pro bono lawyer to provide you with free civil law advice, assistance or representation.

Apply Online

Refugee and Asylum Seekers

Specialist referral for individuals who have made a claim for protection under the Refugee Convention.

Federal CourtĀ Self-RepresentationĀ Service

Free advice and assistance to people representing themselves in the Federal Court and Federal Circuit Court (certain areas of the general federal jurisdiction)